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10/06/2011: Ambassador Cuisia Meets Representative Berkley of Nevada

10 JUNE 2011, WASHINGTON, DC. Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. met with Representative Shelley Berkley, a Democrat representing Nevada who is a member of the House Committees on Ways and Means and Foreign Affairs.  During the meeting, Representative Berkley noted her close affiliation with the large Filipino community in her district. She noted her co-sponsorship of the Filipino veterans bills, which eventually led to the enactment of the Filipino Veterans Equity Compensation Act in 2009. Ambassador Cuisia updated her on efforts to assist Filipino veterans who have pending claims under the Act. Representative Berkley remarked that "we need to get this done" and expressed her readiness to make representations with concerned legislators.

Ambassador Cuisia and Representative Berkley also discussed the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and pending legislative trade bills.  Representative Berkley said  she would look into the status of the SAVE Act and discuss the matter with colleagues in the appropriate committees. END.