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05/06/2011: Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr.'s Independence Day Message


Amidst insurmountable challenges and against a great power, the leaders of the revolution were fierce in their belief that independence will be achieved. Hundreds of years of oppression did not dampen their resolve to see their own land governed by their own people.

Today we remember that steadfast determination and courageous spirit of our forefathers who risked all so that we may proudly call ourselves Filipinos.

This year’s theme, “Kalayaan: Paninindigan ng Bayan,” reminds us that the preservation of a country’s freedom lies on the hands of every one of its people.

As we look back with pride in our history and legacy as a democracy, we likewise reaffirm the enduring ties with the global Filipino nation whose members remain joined by common values and aspirations for the Philippines and her peoples.

Filipino-Americans, with their personal stories of heroism and integrity, continue to bring honor to the Philippines.

Our remembrance and renewal each year takes on many forms and I would like to commend the Filipino-American community for a grand display of Philippine culture, history and nationhood in the annual celebration of Philippine independence.

May this passion and patriotism continue to shape the various initiatives of Filipino-Americans in contributing to Philippine nation-building and in promoting a deeper understanding of Philippine heritage.

I urge you all to continue working together within the community, to reach out to the broader American society and be a potent force in its social, economic and political advancement.

Mabuhay ang diwa ng kalayaan!

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas at ang sambayanang Pilipino!


JOSE L. CUISIA, JR.                        


12 June 2011, Washington, DC

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