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28/04/2011: Filipino student organizations celebrate Philippine Heritage

April 28, 2011, Washington, D.C. - Students organizations from various universities in Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland recently celebrated Philippine heritage through cultural performances.

Georgetown University’s Club Filipino held  their 10th Annual Bayanihan cultural show on 19 March 2011. Members of Club Filipino performed nine different traditional dances to  a sold-out crowd of over 150 people.  Folk dances such as the famous bamboo dance, Tinikling, Salip (from the Kalinga Province), and Panggalay (from the Sulu Archipelago) were performed by the students.

Senior members of Georgetown University’s Club Filipino during the 10th Annual Bayanihan Cultural Show on March 19, 2011. Photo courtesy of Club Filipino.

The Filipino American Student Association (FASA) of Virginia Tech showcased  the rich and colorful  costumes of the Philippines during its  23rd Annual Cultural Show on 26 March 2011.  Wearing traditional and modern Filipiniana attire including costumes  from the Southern Philippines, student-models gave the audience  a snapshot of the diversity of Philippine costumes and culture.

Students from Virginia Tech don the Barong Tagalog (left) and an updated Maria Clara (right) during the 23rd Annual Cultural Show on 26 March 2011. Photo courtesy of Virginia Tech FASA.

On 09 April 2011, the University of Maryland Baltimore County’s FASA held  its annual cultural event dubbed as Pistahan. The highlight of the event was the presentation of folk dances  and  fashion show featuring Philippine traditional costumes.

Members of the Filipino American Student Association (FASA) of University of Maryland Baltimore County perform the Carinosa at the  Pistahan Annual Cultural Show on April 9, 2011. Photo courtesy of UMD Baltimore FASA.

The Philippine Cultural Society (PCS) of  George Washington University held it’s 11th Annual Cultural Show, Tandaan XI: Never Forgotten, on 23 April 2011.  The theme of the show  focused on the passionate emotions shown by the Filipino people during the historical events that took place in the late 1970s through the 1980s. The students likewise performed traditional Filipino dances.

Jamie Garcia, President of the Philippine Cultural Society of GWU, dances the Singkil during the 11th Annual Cultural Show entitled Tandaan on 23 April 2011. Photo courtesy of PCS.

The organizations also took the opportunity to serve favorite Filipino dishes such as lechon (roast pig), pancit (vermicelli with stir fried meat), and lumpia (fried spring rolls) during the cultural shows.

On March 5, the Filipino Cultural Association of the University of Maryland College Park hosted the Filipino American Studies (FAST) Gala and on March 26, the Filipino Organization of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) of the Catholic University of America presented the 10th Philippine Culture Night. The Organization of Young Filipino Americans (OYFA) at the University of Virginia also organized the culture show, Barrio Fiesta, on April 20.

The Embassy of the Philippines supports the Filipino student organizations in their programs to promote the rich and diverse culture of the Philippines.  The Embassy lauds these young Filipino-Americans, who were mostly born and raised in the United States, as they demonstrate pride in their Filipino heritage. - END