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03/03/2011: Philippine Embassy holds briefings for University of Maryland and Austin High School students

March 3, 2011, Washington, DC -- In line with its efforts to mainstream awareness of Philippine identity and culture and to communicate Philippine government efforts to promote human rights and address trafficking in persons, the Embassy of the Philippines held briefings for students from the University of Maryland College Park and Austin High School from Texas.

Top photo shows the students from the University of Maryland College Park with Vice Consul Corina Apostol (bottom row center) after their orientation held on February 18. The students were given an overview of the rich history and heritage, geography, culture and system of government of the Philippines. In the open forum, the students asked questions about the Philippines’ relations with the United States and development and social challenges that the Philippines is facing.

The second photo shows the briefing held by Minister for Political Affairs Mei-An Austria (sixth from left) for students from Austin High School in Texas on February 23. Enrolled under the Global Studies program, the students had a particular interest on human trafficking and how the Philippine government is addressing the issue. In her briefing, Minister Austria emphasized that the legal and policy framework are in place to prevent trafficking, protect its victims and prosecute the perpetrators. She also conveyed the significant strides the Philippine government has achieved in prosecuting cases of human trafficking including the conviction of at least twenty perpetrators in 2010 alone. – END