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23/02/2011: Library of Congress displays EDSA People Power photos; Ambassador Gaa officially opens exhibit

Philippine Ambassador to the US Willy C. Gaa delivers remarks at the Library of Congress exhibit of Alfred Hardy’s People Power portfolio. Alfred Hardy is an Australian photojournalist who was in Manila during the EDSA People Power on February 22-25, 1986. His photos and diary, donated to the Library, are on display until March 2.

Guests view the Alfred Hardy People Power portfolio while waiting for the program to begin. Members of the diplomatic corps, congressional staffers and officials of the State Department who served in the Philippines in 1986 were in attendance.

February 23, 2011, Washington, DC -- Philippine Ambassador to the US Willy C. Gaa addressed Filipino-Americans, members of the diplomatic corps and representatives of US government agencies today in a program at the Library of Congress to open the exhibit that features the People Power portfolio of Australian photojournalist Alfred Hardy.

In observance of the 25th anniversary of EDSA People Power, the Library of Congress Asian Division mounted an exhibit that shows the collection of Mr. Hardy when he was in Manila on February 22-25, 1986, including his diary. The Hardy People Power portfolio gives a compelling picture of the courage of ordinary Filipinos to gather in the streets amidst the threat of military action to re-claim democracy and put an end to the Marcos regime.

In his remarks, Ambassador Gaa narrated the events that took place in the Philippines on February 23, 1986, exactly twenty-five years ago, and which led to the restoration of democracy in the Philippines. The Ambassador emphasized the fruits of this peaceful revolution and added that the exhibit shows the values Filipinos hold dearly and explains the vigilance and determination of Filipinos to protect our liberty and promote democracy in different parts of the world.

Mr. Jon Melegrito, leader in the Filipino-American community and an activist during the struggle for democracy when the Philippines was under martial law, spoke about his experience and lessons learned. – END