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23/02/2011: Message of Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto G. Romulo on the Celebration of 25th year of EDSA People Power Revolution 23 February 2011

The shining example of the Philippines' EDSA People Power Revolution inspires all nations yearning for freedom everywhere.

As Time Magazine said in its 1987 edition naming the late former President Cory Aquino Woman of the Year:

"By reviving the promise of democracy without bloodshed, all too rare in the past, the Philippine revolution also held up a candle of hope in some of the world's darker corners."

Indeed, the wave of democracy generated by the Filipino People Power Revolution was felt through the years in South Africa, Latin America and the Eastern Europe.  Even the democratic gains made in the Middle East the past few weeks are so reminiscent of EDSA despite the passage of a quarter century.

EDSA stands for the triumph of human spirit and love of freedom.  Its rejection of violence was critically important as it saved the nation from bloodshed that might have unleashed cycles of conflict which have been the bane of revolutions elsewhere.

To date, the Filipino People have met and overcome many challenges in their determination to secure and strengthen their freedoms 25 years since EDSA.   If we have learned any lesson in the process, it is that democracy is always a work in progress.

Under the leadership of President Benigno S. Aquino III, the Department supports all Filipinos all over the world in continuing to be proud torch bearers of our People Power's democratic principles and patriotic fervor.

The EDSA People Power shall continue to inspire all Filipinos in our unending quest to broaden and consolidate the freedoms of our people as an integral part of our progress as a nation.