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03/02/2011: Senate President Pro-Tempore Daniel Inouye reaffirms support for Philippine-American friendship at meeting with Vice President Binay

03 February 2011, Washington, D.C., Vice President Jejomar C. Binay and Senate President Pro Tempore Daniel K. Inouye share a light moment as they confer about Philippines-U.S. relations. Senator Inouye has always been supportive of the strong alliance and friendship between the Philippines and the United States. He told Vice President Binay that he is looking forward to a visit to the Philippines soon. The Philippine delegation expressed their appreciation for the unwavering commitment of Senator Inouye to the Save Our Industries Act, a bill being proposed in the US Congress, which aims to generate and restore jobs for both the Philippine apparel industry and the American textile industry by allowing duty-free entry to the U.S. of Philippine garments made of U.S. textile.