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18/09/2008: Amb. Gaa on H.R. 6897: Part of Overall Efforts to Obtain For Our Veterans What They Truly Deserve

Commenting on the approval of the House Veterans Affairs Committee of H.R. 6897 (Filipino Veterans Equity Act of 2008) introduced by the Committee Chairman, Representative Bob Filner (D, CA), on 17 September 2008, Philippine Ambassador to the United States Willy C. Gaa said, “While we continue to hope and work for the eventual passage of S1315, we view the move to pass HR 6897 as part of overall efforts to obtain for our veterans what they truly deserve.”

Ambassador Gaa thanked Chairman Filner and the members of the Veterans' Committee for passing HR 6897 and noted that this development is viewed by the Embassy in the context of their overwhelming desire to seek justice for our veterans, adding that, “We remain confident in and trust the actions of Chairman Filner.”

“As Congress gets closer to ending its current session, we are redoubling our efforts to win the fight for justice and equity for our veterans,” Ambassador Gaa said.

Ambassador Gaa said that HR 6897 “has become an important rallying point for bipartisan support for our veterans. Certain differences and concerns have stalled any forward movement.”

“I consider this progress. With this bipartisan momentum, and with certain concerns being addressed, we can give a far more vigorous push for legislative measures that will truly benefit our veterans,” the Ambassador added.

“We are not abandoning any legislative measure at this point. We see recent developments are strengthening efforts to win for our veterans the justice and the victory that they so justly deserve,” Ambassador Gaa explained. END.