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22/09/2008: Statement on the Passage in the House of Representatives of the Amended S.1315

We look at today’s development in the context of all our efforts to obtain for our veterans the justice and the benefits that they truly deserve.

With the passage by the House of Representatives of its own version of S.1315, the issue is now joined.

The House has its version and the Senate has its version.

The stage is set for further action to be taken.

It is our belief that any further action will be taken in a much improved atmosphere for dialogue. H.R. 6897, which passed unanimously at the House Committee on Veterans Affairs shows that there is strong bipartisan support for our veterans and a willingness to fund their cause.

The differences that both sides have are narrowing. We believe that there is greater understanding and appreciation for the positions of all those involved.

It is our hope that these differences and concerns will be resolved. We remain confident in all those in Congress who support us and thank those in Congress who have raised concerns, for their willingness to engage our supporters.

Most of all, we thank our veterans who continue to inspire all of us to work even harder towards a final victory.